Field Installable Mechanical Connectors, LC (10-pack) (20 in Stock)

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Field Installable / Field Mountable Optical Connector (FMC) – LC APC (Green) and UPC (Blue), Fits 900µm, 2mm, or 3mm cable, pack of 10.

900µm, 2mm, 3mm – Compatible with all three cables sizes
Reusable – Fiber can be reseated
Simple, Fast Installation – No epoxy required.  Factory-polished ferrule eliminates polishing in the field.
Low loss – Average: 0.25dB, Maximum: 0.5dB

Technical Diagram
Instruction Manual

Connector: LC
Polish Type: APC or UPC
Compatible Cable: 900μm, 2mm, 3mm
Includes: housing, connector, tail boot, and (1) cutting jig

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